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8 Food Trends to Expect in 2015

Every year we go through new and fascinating trends in all spheres of life, from fashion to food. Read about 8 food trends to expect in 2015 and revel in the deliciousness to come.


You can expect pistachios to be the nut of the year for 2015! Pistachios have a flavor we can all enjoy with both sweet and savory applications. You can expect it to show up in ice cream, gelato, breads, cookies, biscotti, and cakes. Plus, you could try adding it to stir-fry’s, salads, and pasta dishes for an added boost of potassium.

Fermented Foods

People all over the USA are starting to realize the immense health benefits of fermented foods. They are full of probiotics that are great for your intestines and immune system. Look forward to trying all different sorts of yogurts, fermented veggies (such as kimchi or pickles), fermented condiments, and miso soup.

8 Food Trends to Expect in 2015

Whole Grains

We all love quinoa, but it is becoming so 2014. The newest whole grain trend seems to be split between freekeh, kaniwa, or millet. Which grain do you think will end up being the whole grain champion of 2015? All we are sure of is that whole grains are making a comeback, and there is going to be more variety in stores and bakeries of these grains. They are full of iron, calcium, and protein, not to mention fiber, for a sustainable and healthy energy. Try these grains at home in cookies, piecrusts, or even as a savory side dish.

Small Plates

A new eating trend for Americans is to eat smaller, yet more frequent, meals throughout the day. As a result, you can expect to see small plates of delicious food offered in restaurants. Of course, this trend doesn’t have to be restricted to those who are eating several small meals. If you are still a three square meal sort of person, try ordering a few of these small plates to share and sampling a wide variety of delicious flavors.

Smokey Flavors

Having smoked food is the new flavor trend of this year. Expect to see smoked meats, veggies, butter, cocktails, and even chocolate.

Coconut Sugar

Hailing from the liquid sap of the flower from the coconut palm tree, coconut sugar is the new healthy sweetener of choice. Health minded bloggers and paleo enthusiasts commend this sugar for being a healthier sugar because it contains trace amounts of nutrients. However, it is still a calorie-dense sugar, so consume in moderation.


The health benefits of broth are being touted all over the world. Therefore, by the end of 2015, expect to see sipping broths on your grocery store shelves, in menus, and perhaps taking over your Pinterest feed.

Veggie Focus

This year expect to see vegetables to be the main focus of a meal. Plus, they will be prepared in yummy new ways you may have not considered before. Cauliflower crusts, zucchini noodles, and avocado pasta sauce, are just a few examples of the creativity chefs and home cooks are having with their vegetables.