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Pasta Noodles Without Calories, Low Carb & Gluten Free

Pasta Noodles without Calories, Low Carb & Gluten Free – Cheap Shirataki Noodles

Do you love pasta? Have you learned about the Shirataki Miracle Noodles that contains zero calories. When they discovered the terrific noodle they found something so fabulous in the shirataki noodle. At first they did not realize the miraculous noodle that they had discovered here at Shirataki Miracle Noodles. When you serve your family, yourself and your friends with the no calorie noodle as the staple of your meal you can have a piece of mind that you are eating a filling meal with great health benefits too. The no calorie noodles are made with very specialized Konjac flour. There are so many different varieties of pasta that you can choose from all with zero calories, no carbs and gluten-free. The Konjac flour that is used to make the Miracle noodles comes from a plants roots that is similar to that of a yam. The Konjac plant is only grown in Japan and China.

I know that many people are skeptical of calorie free foods but thousands have already tried these yummy zero calorie noodles and they can not stop raving about them. I am not by any means the only fan of the zero calorie foods. The word is out and we can not stop sharing our passion for the Miracle noodles. My favorite one’s are the angel hair and the fettuccini noodles I have not personally tried any of the other shapes and sizes, however I have a friend that has and she prefers the thinner noodles over the thicker ones. The thicker noodles she says are a little too rubbery and the sauces do not take to them like the thinner noodles do. Of course we all have different like’s and different taste’s buds so what one may like another may not and that goes for even noodles. It never hurts to try something once in my eyes and you never know when you may absolutely love something that someone else did not enjoy. If you do not try it once you will never know if you liked it or not.

There are endless delicious recipes that you can make with these wonder noodles. The Shirataki noodles are idea for a quick meal idea. If you are short on time but you want a meal that is packed with nutrition then the miracle noodle is the perfect option for you. When they package the miracle noodles for shipment the are “wet”, they are actually packaged in liquid, and they are ready-to-eat right out of the package. If you prefer your noodles warm then you can put them in some boiling water for a brief moment and then combine them with other dishes, or by adding things like tofu, garlic, spinach, or soy sauce to enhance the flavor of your dish. Get your favorite noodle or pasta cookbook and whip up a healthy noodle dish for you, family or friends. It is so easy to cook a tasty low calorie meal in just minutes when you use these noodles.

The no calories noodles are made mainly of high soluble plant fiber this makes the no calorie noodle a great addition to every weight loss diet. When a food has a high soluble fiber content it slows down the digestive process and gives you a longer feeling of fullness. The Miracle Noodle does not contain any soy, wheat or gluten and it is a Kosher product. This makes the no calorie noodles a wonderful staple for every household in world. We can all benefit from an amazing food staple like the “Miracle Noodles”. If you are serious about loosing weight with these great noodles, you may want to visit my pasta store for some great cookbooks on pasta dishes. You will find simple and easy pasta meals to authentic ones too and everything in between. There is a cookbook that will fit perfect into every kitchen.

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