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Quick And Easy Football Game Snacks

football snacks, chili dip, sub sandwiches, fritters

Snacks to enjoy while watching Sunday football can be more than just chips, dip and chicken. No one can help themselves from taking multiple servings of finger food that is delicious and filling. Busy moms can whip up many simple recipes in no time before the game begins without becoming tired out from all the pre-game cooking.

A scrumptious chili cheese dip is easily made by first browning one pound of ground beef. Remove the excess grease and then place the meat in a crock pot with one pound of cubed cheese, half teaspoon of chili powder, one can of diced tomatoes, and two teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce. Mix well, cover and cook on high for one hour or until the cheese is melted. Change the setting to warm and serve with tortilla chips.

Pepperoni rolls are made by brushing melted butter onto refrigerated crescent roll dough. Then place three to four or more pepperoni slices in each crescent before rolling up. Place pepperoni rolls on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Mozzarella cheese can also be included before rolling.

Miniature sub sandwiches are other great football game snacks that are simple and easy to make. Various deli meats, cheese, pickles, olives and Italian dressing or mayonnaise can be placed on long sub buns and cut into individual servings.

All ages enjoy hot dogs, but a tasty spin on an old favorite is wrapping cheddar hot dogs in crescent rolls and cooking as previously instructed for pepperoni rolls. A slice of bacon can also be wrapped around each hot dog before placing in the crescent roll.

Zucchini fritters are quick and simple to make. Peel and grate two medium zucchinis and place in a large mixing bowl. Add half a cup of flour, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, Parmesan cheese, Italian spices and two eggs. Mix well until the mixture resembles pancake batter. Pour three or four spoonfuls of batter in a skillet with oil that has already been heated on the stove. After one side is browned, flip to the other side. Remove fritters to a paper towel-lined plate when done to soak up excess grease.

It does not take long to make an assortment of snacks for a Sunday football game. These foods are easily accessible and can be left out for an entire game. Guests will remember the appetizers they enjoyed just as much as the game itself.

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